Tuesday, March 15, 2011

60 mage pvp

Ah. Good ole fire mages in vanilla. This is a 7minute video of a fire mage world pvping in silithus back in vanilla. Quite entertaining although the oponents are far from the best.

About the site.

Well hello there! Welcome to the site. Thank you for coming. Now I shall formally introduce myself.

I am an avid World Of Warcraft player. I have been for the past 6-7 years. And although I do enjoy the game still currently.... I really miss world pvp. I dont mean that every once in awile you find someone and fight them world pvp that people get now-a-days. I mean when you could go out and world pvp for hours on end and not have to worry about not running into somebody. I mean the days when world pvp was amazing.

The main point in this site is to inform people of how amazing world pvp used to be... And how it could still be amazing. My posts here will consist of storys of my world pvp en devours, videos, others storys and well... Anything world pvp related. So please if you want to see world pvp make a come back spread this website around and get others to see the amazingness of world pvp. Also make sure to favorite/bookmark the page as I will be updating this 3-5 times daily.

So long for now new friends.

Major city world pvp

This video here shows how amazing Major city world pvp can be. Yes... Although the warrior has shadowmourne vs 40 undergeared/ Probably bad players... This video still show cases world pvp.